Service members can file for disability compensation before they leave active duty. Service members can do so if they are within 180 days of separation and have a tentative separation date. There are two types of pre-discharge claims a service member can file;
BDD claim;
A BDD claim (Benefits Delivery at Discharge) can be filed by service members who meet the following criteria;
  • 90 to 180 days from separation.
  • will be able to attend all C&P exams before separation.
  • and are not claiming any disabilities that fall under the "pro-longed development" definition, which include claims based on the "undiagnosed Gulf War symptoms, radiation exposure, or claiming PTSD with out an in-service diagnosis.
If a service member qualifies under the BDD program, then they will be scheduled for all needed C&P exams at their nearest BDD facility before their separation date. Once the needed exams have been completed, their claims folder is then forwarded to either the Winston-Salem regional office (if they are separating from the military from an installation located in the eastern U.S., Europe, or Africa), or the Salt Lake City regional office (if they are separating from an installation located in the western U.S., or Pacific) for a decision.

Effective October 1, 2017:

All pre-discharge claims filed on or after October 1, 2017, will now be catorigized either as a pre-dicharge claim (BDD or Benefits Delivery at Discharge claim) or a Fully Developed Claim (FDC).


In order for a separating service member to qualify to have their pre-discharge claim be processed under the BDD process, they must meet the following criteria;

  • submit their claim within 180 days to 90 days from their discharge date.
  • have a known discharge date
  • be available to report for examinations within 10 to 45 days from the date the claim was received
  • provide a copy of the service treatment records (STRs) from their current period of service. (Electronic copies are preferred by the folks at BDD Landstuhl)
  • submit the claim on a "prescribed" form (VAF 21-526ez, VAF 21-526c etc...)

If the separating service member submits their claim but does not meet the above specifications, then their claim will be handled as a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) even though the claim was submited prior to their release from active duty.


All pre-discharge claims submitted prior to October 1, 2017, will be handled according to the previous 'BDD/Quickstart" rules.

If you're a service member who meets the above criteria and would like to file a pre-discharge disability compensation claim before separation, you'll need to fill out VAF 21-526EZ and attach a copy of all service treatment records for all periods of service. Also if you have any dependents, you'll need to fill out VAF 21-686c and attach a copy of any birth certificates, marriage certificates and any divorce decrees from both you and your spouse nullifying any previous marriages. Then send all of this to your installation intake site.

VAF 21-526ez
PDF-Dokument [2.5 MB]

If you're a separating service member leaving active duty from Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, you can send your pre-discharge claims directly to the BDD office in Landstuhl, Germany through the German/civilian mail to the following local address;


Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center

Department of Veterans Affairs

Gebäude 3724, Zimmer 110

66849 Landstuhl-Kirchberg



Ensure that you do send your claims packet via "certified mail with return signture receipt." You can also send your claims material via UPS as well as UPS does deliver to their office. Also their contact information for inquires are;


Tel: (+49) 6371-9464-8200


If you're separating from the Korean peninsula the contact information for the Camp Humphreys, South Korea office is;


BLDG 6400, office V3014 next door to the SFL-TAP office


Tel: DSN 757-2911 or 2912 or commercial (+82) 50-3357-2911 or 2912.

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