If you need to file an appeal because you received a decision from VA regarding your claim that you do not agree with, I will work with you to determine what additional evidence is needed, if any, to prevail on appeal with a favorable decision either at the regional office level or the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, D.C. As with initial claims before VA, you will only reimburse me for the actual expenses I incur while prosecuting your appeal, such as postage for mailing any evidence to VA, or phone calls made.

Generally, I do not charge a fee for representing a claimant during an appeal (as of February 19,2019, after an original decision notice), except in extraordinary cases. A decision of whether or not there will be a fee assessed by me during an appeal will be decided on a case by case basis. Below are two fee agreements regarding both situations;

Fee Agreement 1
Fee Agreement-Appeal1.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.5 MB]
Fee Agreement 2
Fee Agreement-Appeal2.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.6 MB]
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