Mailing address:                                     Physical Address:
                        Kevin Janey                                             Kevin Janey
                        Postfach 1308                                         Oberer Mainkai 1
                        97863 Wertheim                                      97070 Würzburg
                        Germany                                                  Germany

                                              Tel: (+49) 931-32959765
                                              Fax: (+49) 931-32959766


Note: Please DO NOT send any correspondence to my physical address. Please forward all correspondence to my mailing address. Any mail sent to my physical address will be returned to sender. There is also no need to send me correspondences as registered mail. Sending me registered mail will only delay me in receiving it. The German mailing system is very reliable. Also please avoid sending boxes to my mailing address. German postal rules prohibit boxes from being delivered to a "Postfach."
For veterans living outside of traveling distance from me, the best way to communicate with me is via Skype. It's free and only takes a couple of minutes to download and set up. It's a great way to have face to face conversations between people, and a fast way to send documents.
You can also contact me by filling out the contact form below.

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