Where to send claims and evidence:

VA has implemented a centralized mailing address. Instead of sending correspondeces to the individual regional offices, which was the case before, now VA has one "intake center" that receives, sorts, and uploads all submitted documents and correpsondences to what's called a "Centralized Mail" portal to the individual regaional office. So, instead of sending your claims and/or evidence to your local regional office, you should now either electronically upload them or send then to the following address;


Electronically uploading claims and evidence

Instructions on how to electrincally submit any claims and/or evidence instead of mailing them to the below mentioned Evidence Intake Center;




Submitting claims and evidence via regular mail

For all claims, supplemental claims and higher level reviews related material;


Department of Veterans Affairs

Compensation Intake Center

P.O. Box 4444

Janesville, WI 53547-4444


For Notice of Disagreements and related material


Board of Veterans Appeals

P.O. Box 27063

Washington, D.C. 20038


Facsimile: (844) 678-8979 (Tollfree within the U.S.)


For all Pension and DIC claims:


Department of Veterans Affairs

Pension Intake Center

P.O. Box 5365

Janesville, WI 53547-5365


For all VocRehab claims and correspondences


Department of Veterans Affairs

VR&E Intake Center

P.O. Box 5210

Janesville, WI 53547-5210



Direct deposit information:

As of October 13, 2020, VA has discontinued the use of both VAF's 24-0296 and 24-0296a due to apparent fraud issues! Therefore, to establish your direct deposit info with VA you'll need to complete the below Standard Form 1199A if you have not previously noted it on your application. Please note that your financial institution must complete section 3 of the form!

SF 1199A
PDF-Dokument [313.6 KB]

For foreign bank accounts:

Even though VA is now using the Standard Form 1199A to establish one's direct deposit information, you can still have your VA compensation directly deposited into a foreign bank account too. To do so, you should use the "optional" Standard Form 1199i below (please note that your foreign bank still must fill out and sign section "C"),

"Optional" Standard Form 1199i
PDF-Dokument [41.0 KB]

Where to send the Standard Form 1199A or "Optional" Standard Form 1199i:

You should send either form to the Evidence Intake Center shown above or you can email it to the following Email address;



Changing your mailing address:

Always inform VA if you move. If you move and forget to notify VA, they may discontinue your benefits until they know your whereabouts. Therefore, it is imperative that you notify VA immediately of any address change. To do so, simply fillout the VAF 20-572 and send/upload it to the claims intake center.

VAF 20-572
PDF-Dokument [829.9 KB]

Requesting records from VA:

If you would like to request a copy of certain information contained in your C-file/E-folder at VA (or the whole file), then you will need to request this information under the 1974 Privacy Act. To do so you will need to fill out VAF 20-10206 and submit it to VA's evidence intake center noted above.

VAF 20-20106
PDF-Dokument [1.5 MB]
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