Burial benefits

For an overview of the wide range of burial and memorial benefits available to surviving family members of deceased veterans, visit the following link.

If you believe you qualify for any of the burial benefits available, please contact me for any questions or assistance in filing the appropriate claim.

VAF 21P-530EZ
PDF-Dokument [1.7 MB]

Note: The VAF 21P-530ez should be sent to the Evidence Intake center, which will then be routed to the appropriate Regional Office

Application for a Government headstone or marker;


VAF 40-1330
PDF-Dokument [9.8 MB]

Death of a veteran while residing overseas:

The Government headstone or Marker shown on VAF 40-1330 can be shipped to overseas locations at no cost to the surviving spouse or next-of-kin if the veteran will be interred in a foreign cemetery.


Note: the VAF 40-1330 should be sent to the following address instead of the Evidence Intake Center;


Department of Veterans Affairs

Memorial Program Service (41B)

5109 Russell Road

Quantico, VA 22134-3903



Facsimile: (800) 455-7143

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