CHAMPVA is the Civilian Health and Medical Program of VA. This is a Federal health care benefits program for certain beneficiaries and dependents of veterans.


If you're a dependent or surviving spouse of a veteran in one of the following catagories (and not eligible for TRICARE), then you may be eligible (see 38 C.F.R. §17.271) for the CHAMPVA program;

  • the veteran is rated as permanently and totally disabled by VBA.
  • the veteran passed away of a service-conneted disability (i.e. the survining spouse has been awarded DIC by VBA)
  • the veteran was rated as permanently and totally disabled by VBA at the time of their passing
  • the veteran dies in the line of duty

If the eligible dependent is also 65 years of age or older as of 6/05/2001, then they must be enrolled in Medicare A and B to keep eligibility to CHAMPVA.


To apply for CHAMPVA, you'll need to fill out VAF 10-10d below and submit it to the following address;


CHAMPVA Eligibility

P.O. Box 469028

Denver, CO 80246-9028



Note: if you're 65 or older and eligible for Medicare, you should also submit a copy of your Medicare card with the VAF 10-10d as well.

VAF 10-10d
PDF-Dokument [1.0 MB]

If you also have other health insurance ("OHI" in VA speak), then generally CHAMPVA will be the second payer of benefits and you must also notify CHAMPVA of this as well by submitting VAF 10-7959c along with the above VAF 10-10d.

VAF 10-7959c
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CHAMPVA and living/traveling overseas:

If you reside overseas, you can still use CHAMPVA as long as you meet the above eligibility requirments. If you're required to have Medicare B, you must purchase it to remain eligible for CHAMPVA. However, since Medicare does not pay for medical services overseas, as long as you meet the previously above-mentioned eligibility requirments CHAMPVA will still pay after any OHI you have.


NOTE: CHAMPVA "Meds by Mail" is not allowable overseas due to many foreign jurisdictions denying entry of medication through the mail into their country!

CHAMPVA Fact sheets

CHAMPVA eligibility
PDF-Dokument [227.9 KB]
CHAMPVA Co-pay & deductibles
PDF-Dokument [88.7 KB]
CHAMPVA and Pharmacy benefits
PDF-Dokument [379.7 KB]
Medicare & CHAMPVA
PDF-Dokument [144.2 KB]
Medicare D & CHAMPVA
PDF-Dokument [172.0 KB]
CHAMPVA in-house care initiative
PDF-Dokument [147.0 KB]
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