VA's Foreign Medical Program (FMP)


If you are a veteran who resides overseas (or are traveling overseas) and have been separated under conditions other than dishonorable and have a disability, or disabilities, already deemed "service-connected" by VA through an actual rating decision, then VA will cover the costs of any needed treatment (this includes prescribed medication, hospitalization and any surgeries, and physical therapy) of only your service-connected disability while you're residing or traveling abroad (see 38 C.F.R §17.35).

Foreign Medical Program Guide
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Foreign Medical Program Brochure
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To submit a claim for reimburesment of any needed treatment of service-connected disability, or disabilities, while residing overseas, you normally should first register with the VA's Foreign Medical Program (FMP) by filling out the below VAF 10-7959f-1;

VAF 10-7959f-1
VA Form 10-7959f-1.pdf
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Once you have filled out the VHA 10-7959f-1 you must send it to VA's FMP along with a copy of your rating decision to their following address;


Department of Veterans Affairs

Foreign Medical Program

P.O. Box 469061

Denver, CO 80246-9061



Tel: (303) 331-7590
Fax: (303) 331-7803


...or you can email the documents to;


Toll free number services from outside the U.S.:

USA/Canada: 877-345-8179
Australia: 1800 354 965
Costa Rica: 0800-013-0759
Germany: 0800 1800011
Italy: 800 782655
Japan: 00531-13-0871
Mexico: (001) 877-345-8179 
Spain: 900 981 776
UK: 0800-032 7425


Within a few weeks of FMP receiving your registration, they will generally send you your "benefits authorization," which is a print out of your service-connected disabilities that you're allowed to seek care for at VA's expense. 


Claims for reimbursment of medical expenses:

The required documents generally needed by FMP to reimburse the costs of any treatment you incurred are the following;

  • Itemized bill/invoice from the medical provider
  • a copy of the treatment record for each day being billed on the invoice with a diagnosis
  • proof of payment if you have already paid the bill/invoice (Cerdit card statement or bank statement)
  • a copy of the presciption (for reimbursement of medication costs); please note the medication must be USDA approved
  • copy of the referral for physical therapy (for reimbursement of physical therapy costs)
  • copy of a "physical therapy report" (for reimbursement of physical therapy costs)
  • copy of the surgery report and/or inpatient records (for reimburement of a hospital stay and/or surgery); a copy of the discharge summary report may also be sufficient

The above treatment record(s) for each day being billed do not have to be in English. If they are in a foreign language, they will be translated by the FMP at no cost to the claimant. However, if the treatment record(s) are not in English, it may take a few weeks longer for the FMP to process the claim.  The FMP does encourage the use of VHA 10-7959f-2 when submitting claims for reimbursement as a cover sheet;

VAF 10-7959f-2
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You can also have your medical provider bill the VA's FMP directly for any treatment needed of your service-connected disability if they are willing to do so. Below are "fact sheets" written in different languages to print out and take to your medical provider (or email them). These fact sheets explain in the different languages what is needed by the VA's FMP from the provider in order to pay for any needed treatment of any service-connected disability. Generally, the same documents that are listed above (except for "proof of payment" by the veteran) are required by the medical provider as well when submitting their invoices for payment.

Fact sheet in German
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Fact sheet in Greek
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Fact sheet in Italian
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Fact sheet in Japanese
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Fact sheet in Korean
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Fact sheet in Spanish
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Fact sheet in Thai
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All claims for payment/reimbursements of any needed medical treatment for a service-connected disability while residing or traveling overseas should be sent to the FMP's mailing address noted at the top of this page.

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